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International visitors

Hi there and warmly welcome to the world of Lin Living
– a world filled with just linen!

Buy online – world wide shipping – 1-4 days delivery time – click here!

We are a small business based on the island called Gotland in Sweden. This company started as a school project in school year 2013 and after that the founder, Hanna Jörnhammar, have continued to develop the business to what is is today.

Lin Living design and offers bedclothes, home textiles and clothes – all in 100% linen. The linen is organically grown mostly in the East side of Europe and the production is made in Estonia in the capital Tallinn. All the products are unique and designed by Lin Living.

If you would like to order to another country than Sweden there is no problem, we can ship world wide!

Buy online at: linliving.com